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Frequently Asked Questions
Here you can find the Frequently Asked Questions which will be updated on a regular basis as and when appropriate. Please read through it as it contains important information you need to be aware of along with essential reading such as User Guides and many other cool stuff you may not even be aware of.
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    7. BitTorrent Tips

      BitTorrent can be tricky for novice users, so here are a few introductory tips to assist in making your experience a pleasurable one.

      • Seed—Don't Just Leech
        Don't be selfish. Although it's very easy to simply be a leecher (one who downloads files), you should display common courtesy to the BitTorrent community by acting as a seeder (one who shares data), so don't block others from accessing your file data.
      • Cover Your Tracks
        Second, download free software such as BTGuard and TorrentPrivacy that masks your router ID by bouncing it through several nodes should you wish to keep your seeding and downloading private. The tradeoff for this anonymity, however, is slower download speed. It should be noted that these programs don't guarantee 100% invisibility, but they add an extra layer of protection.
      • Open The Flood Gates
        Third, you may need to enable port forwarding if you don't believe you're seeing optimal download speeds. By default, routers and PC security software may feature firewalls that slow or block data, so make that they allow incoming TCP and UDP connections.
      • Clean Up Your Mess
        Finally, make sure to clean out your client's incomplete download folder should you lose a signal. Although the content may not have fully downloaded, the torrent itself remains—and is the size of what would've been the downloaded file. In other words, even if the 2GB video file didn't fully download, there will be 2GB of hard drive space allotted to it.